Caste system will ruin their love story – COLUR PHOTO

Covid 19 pandemic impacted the overall film industry in 2021, imaging its impact across all the sectors. The degrees, cinemas, and movie theaters have been closed; film releases have been moved to future dates. The theatre movies have been facing these issues while online platforms have gained a lot of traffic, which serves their audience. Many people stayed at home during the pandemic. The movie industry assured that they didn’t cease exciting the audience with star production quality.

Out of different movie industries in India, the Telugu Indian movie industry has also seen some fantastic movies roll out in 2020 and 2021. Many people stayed at home during the pandemic. The movie industry assured that they didn’t cease exciting the audience with star production quality. The Telugu movie industries perhaps have mind-blowing performances and intense scenes which put value in people’s lives and give us plenty of love stories. There are many more best romantic movies online on aha.

Bucchinaidu Kandriga

Bucchinaidu Kandriga

Movies like Bucchi Naidu kandriga are based on true events in our society. The movie has made an exciting topic that covers a concept of a love story, and a caste system ruins their life. If you love watching greenery and living a village life, this movie has made you based on emotions and values. The movie reflects a small love story that comes from a small village. P Chandra Kumari has taken up the story of love between Balu(Munna) and Swapna (played by drishika Chander), the movie’s fantastic production, Ram k makes, mihirams, N.kumar, Rajesh mandapuram. Poluru Krishna has given its best to enhance the film. The story is relatively slow and takes time to reach the climax, and the broken side of the hero makes it look more catchy for the audience. The music is composed by maahiramsh people who love melodies and can enjoy this movie made with beautiful sounds. The film engrosses the audience and makes it look more interesting after the climax. However, there are many twists and turns in the movie, and the last minutes of the film make it more intense and eye-catching for the audience. The performances of the artists are pretty impressive and give rise to an incredible end.


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Story Of Money Lender – Trending Now: Shylock

Shylock is a trending movie in all languages. The boss is back with the greatest hit in the industry. His comeback has given him and the audience a biggest boost to watch movies. Firstly Shylock was made in Malyalam and then later dubbed into telugu for all his telugu fans. It’s a good visual treat to his fans. With this movie he has fulfilled the enthusiasm and is waiting for his comeback in the industry. You can watch shylock movie online on aha in telugu language. It is the best action movies online platform.


Shylock means to lead money at high interest. The title is perfect for this movie as our mega star is a money lender. Not just a money lender who is very ruthless, he puts high interest. He majorly works for movies. He is a movie buff. He goes nuts for movies. One day Prathapvarams come to Devan for loan. Prasthap Varma is a great film producer. He cheats on devan after taking money. He doesn’t respond to the calls and acts very ignorante. He tries each and every possible way to get rid of devan. He involves his policials friends to beat him. Instead Devan kills Prathap’s son as revenge. Story takes a violent trip of fights and killings. Devan reveals his past life where Prathap kills his family members, which left him hopeless. Only his brother will be alive yet, crippled. Slowly the story turns out to be more of revenge. Devan does his best to destroy Prathap’s kingdom entirely. Devan wins the fight and enjoys his life as usual. Watch Shylock movies to know that this is a really fun and interesting storyline. Watch and enjoy the fandom and royalty of mega star Mammootty. 

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Mammootty

Actress: Menna

Other actors: Raj Kiran, Bibin George, HareeshKanaran.

Director: AjaiVasudev

Writer: Aneesh Hameed and Bibin Mohan

Cinematography: Renadive

Producer: Jobby George

Music Director: GopiSundar

Other Information:

Runtime: 2 hrs 11 mins

Release date: 23 January 2020

Genre: Family, Thriller, Revenge.

Artist Performance:

  • Mammootty is a great artist in indian film industry, one word of this movie will excite all his fans all around india. Shylock as his come back movie is done very well. He was just awesome that words can not describe.
  • Meena is beautiful and gorgeous. Even though her role is for a very limited time. She has been a spark on the screen. She has been a crush and always be one for men.
  • Raj Kiran has been a tough villain to our hero. He has done an admirable job in this movie by giving the best performance.

Technical Asset:

  • Dialogues are the craziest. Audience were just shouting for the dialogue in the movie.
  • Background music is the best asset which created a vibe to enjoy the movie. Intense movements were just made there.
  • Intensive and interesting storyline, a story which will settle in hearts forever.

Watch Shylock movie online in telugu on aha. It’s a great action movies you can watch anytime to enjoy.


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